Thursday, September 29, 2011

Allen West - "Obama Intentionally Destroying Economy

Rep. Allen West (Patriot - FLA), hits the nail on the head.

He hit the nail right on the head. Barack Hussein Obama - the Kenyan marxist homosexual - is breathtakingly incompetent to believe the "jobs plan" will work a second time in even worse economic conditions. America has dangers from without, but almost nothing rivals this particular danger from within. He is the first and only anti-American president, and the teachings he absorbed from Frank Marshall Davis are bearing fruit - rotton fruit - but fruit nonetheless.

I am grateful for Rep. West's courage and valor in speaking the truth. He and people like Rush Limbaugh have not only the courage, but the guts to say what we all know is true. He'll be attacked mercilessly for saying this, which means he has drawn blood from the pot smoking pro-homosexual tree hugging crowd. I wish he would throw his hat in ring and run this year. Between him, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry, a hard traditionalist landslide is a certainty. And if 2016 is coming up, and if the Marxist-Fascist homosexuals and union thugs in our society ballot-box stuff and Black Panther nightstick us into another 4 yrs of their Marxist-Fascist despot in the White House, he can always run then.

He is a real American.


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