Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Excellent Rick Perry ad

I have been hoping that Sarah Palin would run, because her great intellectual heft and keen insights on the issues, plus good old American common sense would leave Barack Hussein Obama speechless, and I am certain she would win in a 50 state sweep. It doesn't look like she will run, however. But Rick Perry is, and he is, simply put, a man. Barack Hussein Obama is not.

This country needs a MAN. Not a petulant, arrogant little boy who cannot face the fact of his failure, or ineligibility.

Rick Perry is a man.

This should air daily from now until Restoration Day (Election Day 2012). I am confident that Rick Perry will also win in a 50 state sweep.

Write that check, take it to the bank and cash it. I am that certain this will happen.

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