Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smug Seattle blog mocks Tea Party over plan to replace paper dollars with coins

"Slog" is a cutesy name for one of smuggest leftist blogs in the blogosphere. It is a blog for the online version of one of the more openly pro-homosexual publications in the country, The Stranger.

Dan Savage, himself a loud and vocal homosexual activist, mocked the tea party's commitment to preserving freedom on "Slog" earlier today:

The Tea Party Is Right About This

From the Department of Stopped Clocks: this idea—brought to you by the Tea Party—should be adopted: abolish the paper dollar, replace it with a coin. The guys at TPM are sneering at it just because some teabaggers in Congress proposed it. Yes, dollar coins already exist and, no, they're not widely used. But that's because we haven't withdrawn paper dollars. Withdraw the paper dollar and people will use dollar coins... because they'll have no choice. You know, just like people will use energy-efficient light bulbs if we withdraw energy-inefficient light bulbs, people will use canvas grocery bags if we withdraw plastic bags and charge for paper ones, low-flow toilets if we withdraw water-wasting toilets, etc.

But whenever we try to do any of those things someone screams "FREEDOM!" and the sensible idea/bill/proposal is quickly killed.

Here is how I commented. Forgive my somewhat prodigious and extensive use of caps lock because I was pretty steamed.

You're damn straight that tea party patriots will scream "freedom," because the government has NO PLACE dictating what kind of food you eat (especially since Moochelle could hit the gym herself), what kind of lightbulbs or grocery bags to use, and whether or not you should wear a seatbelt or a motorcycle helmet.

This is how the statist gains and keeps power - by starting out with the seemingly mundane aspects of our lives that they think no one will care about it, and soon they will be controlling your health care. Don't think there's any death panels? Look up "quality adjusted life year," in the health care law. The government will determine if the quality of your life warrants health care, or if they should let you die.


And leftist hypocrites have excoriated Ron Paul for telling this simple truth.


It's not anywhere in the Constitution. And any court that says it is has contributed to what Mark Levin calls the soft tyranny running the country I fought for in Vietnam, the country I can hardly recognize now.

It's bad enough Savage had to use the sexual slur "teabagger" to denigrate the Tea Party, but...well sometimes it's hard when people just can't see their country is slipping away, and they aid, abette, and assist in it's destruction, as if they want that to happen.

This is why liberals cannot be trusted.

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