Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ground Zero Mosque open for business

The victory celebration at this victory mosque will commence soon.

Read all about it here.

They say that this mosque is actually a community center, but one thing that must be understood about Muslims is the concept of Taqiyya allows muslims to lie to non-muslims to about Islam. So to me, for that reason, it is reasonable and prudent to consider this project a mosque.

I think the ties of this mosque and Barack Hussein Obama - our Kenyan Marxist homosexual in the White House - should be carefully investigated. Remember, he once supported this project before the outcry, and then quickly bid a hasty retreat.

I am grateful for the excellent work of David Horowitz, tirelessly exposing the Muslimist efforts to Islamify America through mosques, Sharia Law, and Halal food being introduced everywhere - even in Campbell's Soup!

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