Saturday, October 1, 2011

Washington Times - "Obama will lose, and it won't be close"

Rich Stowell posted an excellent column a couple of weeks back in the Washington Times that details why Barack Hussein Obama, the Kenyan marxist homosexual illegally occupying the White House, will lose big in 2012.

Money quote:

Obama’s supporters can always fall back on the man’s gift for oratory, explanations, and talking directly to the American people. In debates, they assume he will steamroll any Republican like he did to John McCain.

Again, things are different now. For the candidate in 2008, it was easy to defend platitudes and slogans. For the president, it will be much harder to defend his failed policies. Seriously, what can he possibly say now about there being “no red or blue?” More than that, his confidence must be a bit shaken.

He was like the high school phenom on the ascent, greeted by ever bigger crowds and more adoring fans, only to find in the big leagues the competition is stiffer and the fan less forgiving.

One can see that in his ramblings at press conferences and dancing around tough questions in interviews.

What he doesn't say is that Americans have gotten hip to the fact that socialism doesn't fly, and how damaging it is to freedom. They are especially hip to the trickle down misery the liberalistic version of socialism (small doses at a time) eventually leads to socialism, and the various societal structural changes liberals put in place to make the implementation of socialism easier, like homosexuality.

I will say it again, if Rick Perry is the GOP nominee, or any true tea party conservative is the GOP nominee, Barack Hussein MAObama loses in a 50 state sweep.

Write the check, take it to the bank and cash it.


  1. Can't wait to see Gingrich wipe the floor with Obama! A 50-state sweep for sure!

  2. Romney. I mean Romney. And AT LEAST 40 states!

  3. No, Santorum. Santorum's the guy FOR SURE. 30 states are OURS. NOTHING can go wrong!