Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Behind our backs, the illegal Obama regime appoints another czar

The illegal regime of Barack Hussein Obama has appointed a czar whose sites are set on more of our freedoms. She is an electronic medical records czar, Judith Faulkner, who runs her own electronic medical records company (of course), wants to block any competition and is a big donor bundler for Comrade Barry (again, of course).

Obama Donor, Now Medical Records Czar Gets Little Gov’t Job BIG Gov’t Contracts.

Must be nice to be a member of the “in” crowd, the crowd of crony capitalists to whom President Obama has given so much of the taxpayer’s money. And not just money but positions of power in the government.

Take, for instance, Obama’s newest czar, Judith Faulkner, recently named Obama medical records czar. She was not only put in charge of deciding which company would be used for Obama’s official electronic medical records system, but she also just happens to have an electronic medical records company of her own. And, gosh, it seems her company is suddenly quite busy and just might be in line to become THE electronic medical records company. Imagine that.

Only a few weeks ago news of Faulkner’s elevation to Obama’s Health Information Technology Policy Committee. This committee is charged with deciding how $19 billion in Obama bucks is spent on healthcare IT systems.

It was known then that Faulkner ran a company called Epic Systems Corp., a company that specializes in electronic medical records. It was also known that Faulkner stands squarely against Obama’s idea that his IT solution has to have “interoperability,” or a way to integrate over several different platforms made by different companies.

Faulkner thinks that only her company, Epic Systems, should be the one to host all electronic medical records. Other companies need not apply.

The article goes on to describe how Faulkner’s company received other large contracts from the government.

Folks, this article must be distributed and go viral.

It must also go ALL OVER the internet so that right thinking patriots can act quickly, because you can bet that the liberal media won't touch this story with a ten foot pole, so invested they are in Obama's regime succeeding.

Whoever controls medical records, controls life and death policies (which is why Faulkner wants to block competition). When connected to the even more egregious and invasive Obamacare, there will be no limit on what an all-powerful regime, like the current one strives to be, can do to its citizenry from cradle to grave. It will affect and influence every aspect of life.

The stakes are high. Rick Perry must be elected to stop and reverse this trend towards fascist socialism!

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