Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome to The Hard Traditionalist

Hello friends and patriots.

I am back from my blogging absence.  I stopped blogging abruptly because I received intelligence that Obama union thugs were going to target me for the same kind of violent attack that befell Kenneth Gladney in St. Louis two years ago.

That was then, but now, Barack Hussein Obama, the Kenyan Marxist homosexual usurper in the White House, is on the ropes with record low approval ratings, a Congress filled with patriotic Tea Party hard traditionalists, and a real American Hero in Rick Perry running to rightfully restore America to it's traditionalist roots, and I believe that Obama's union thugs don't have the moxie they once did, now that they know real Americans will stand up and fight  back against them.

For me, November 6, 2012 should be declared Restoration Day, because that's when the last vestiges of Marxism, Fascism, and homosexuality will be sent packing back to the closets they came from in the wake of Rick Perry's great victory.

Until that time, I will be posting here faithfully, relaying stories the Marxist liberal media doesn't want you to know about, and I invite your comments, so patriots can have a real intelligent dialogue, just as they do on Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity's show, or on blogs such as Gateway PunditRed State, or Fox Nation.

I will be in touch again soon.

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