Friday, September 23, 2011

Last night's debate, and some thoughts about the candidates

I thought all 9 candidates made some excellent points and remain convinced that whomever wins the nomination will be a vastly superior president when compared to the Kenyan marxist homosexual illegally occupying the White House.

I thought Perry shot himself in the foot with his defense of a policy granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens. I also thought Perry looked like a deer caught in headlights at times, but his vast knowledge, intelligence, and great intellectual heft make him the front runner in my book.

Romney did very well, and while he would be a vastly superior president than Barry Soetoro, I fear he's a McCain RINO.

I thought Herman Cain helped himself considerably and while I have concerns about his lack of political experience, I think he would be critical asset to a Perry Administration. I would seriously consider him for Secretary of State. He would grab the bull by the horns and stop the onslaught of Sharia Law in America.

Michele Bachmann is an amazingly gifted Christian patriot, and she gave solid answers, but she seemed, at times, to be slightly overwhelmed. Her constant attacks on Perry are getting tiresome. (As is the bickering between Perry and Romney).

Rick Santorum did very well. I thought his answer to the gay soldier was right on the money, ad while Perry is my first choice I still think he'd make a terrific president. He would stop the advance of homosexuality dead in it's tracks.

Mr. Newt is obviously very well informed and perhaps even more intelligent than Rick Perry - he'd be an obvious asset in any administration - He'd be my choice for Secretary of Labor. All he'd have to do his order it out of existence and wah lah, no more union goons.

Gary Johnson had a nice quip, but he seemed very nervous. I suspect he would legalize marijuana and stop states from banning gay marriage, which makes him unacceptable in my book.

Jon Huntsman is a very suave and very handsome guy. He looks great in a suit, and he talks a good conservative game. But he supports sodomites getting married, and he believes in global warming, which unfortunately not only makes him a RINO, but someone who probably dabbles in the occult, too. Plus the fact that he lowered himself to serve in the administration of Barack Hussein Obama makes him under suspicion in my book. I suspect he may be an Obama plant, and right thinking American patriots will never forget that. In essence, he's Hanoi Jane Fonda.

Ron Paul is an America hater posing as a libertarian. Anyone who would even suggest that America may have brought 9/11 on itself with some of it's foreign policy behavior is no better than Hanoi Jane Fonda. Period. He shouldn't even be allowed on a GOP stage, and the fact that he has tried taking credit for the Tea Party makes my colon tight.

So to recap and sum up, while Rick Perry stumbled, he remains an intellectual giant and THE bright light who can save American from the damage done by the Kenyan marxist homosexual. Herman Cain is a distant second, but in the conversation for a Perry administration, along with Santorum and Gingrich. Bachmann needs more work, but is a true patriot and is the face of the Tea Party and what it stands for. Romney is a RINO, but would be a vast improvement over the illegal president we have now (I'm sure he would have no problem releasing his long form birth certificate if asked). The rest are snakes in sheep's clothing, and an insult to the great honorable history of conservatism.

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