Monday, September 19, 2011

Barack Hussein Obama is a liar and an economic disaster.

Now he suggests raising the capital gains rate in a soft economy, a guaranteed double dip recession would follow. 

Read  here.

This idiot has already caused more economic suffering than any president since FDR, and now he wants to double down on the damage he has done. 

And for what? More of the failed stimulus, more money for his campaign donors, more money for Democratic supporters. But this stimulus does not create jobs. 

His idiotic tax proposals and his (proven to fail) stimulus proposals will destroy millions more jobs. 

How can someone be so dishonest, and so inept? 

This is what happens when you have an illegal president (his father was not a US citizen - he is not natural born).

This is what happens when candidates aren't vetted, and are allowed to participate as if the presidency was "American Idol."

If he had simply cut taxes on the highest earners in january '09, we would have 5% GDP and 5% unemployment, as we had under GW Bush. But this Marxist doesn't have a clue about economics.

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