Sunday, September 25, 2011

Americans waking up to the failure that is Barack Hussein Obama

Reflecting the fact that conservatives outnumber liberals 2-1.

Poll finds Obama approval at historic low
By Justin Sink - 09/24/11 09:23 AM ET

President Barack Obama's approval ratings have fallen to a new low, with only 36 percent of Americans saying that they approve of the way he is handling his job overall, according to a new poll from the Economist/YouGov. A majority of Americans - 56 percent - disapprove of the president's performance.

Even more concerning for the president may be the news that top Republican candidates have moved within striking distance in head-to-head matchups. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney trails Obama by just a 44 percent to 43 percent margin, while Texas governor Rick Perry trails 46 percent to 42 percent.

As has been the case in previous polls showing the president's slipping approval, Americans seem frustrated primarily in a souring economy. Only 30 percent of Americans strongly or somewhat approve of the president's handling of the issue. 50 percent of Americans believe that the policies of the Obama Administration have hurt the economy, and 53 percent say that they have hurt the middle class.

The root of this, as I see it, was Obama's insistence on a budget busting porkulous package instead of doing the tried and true remedy for a deep recession of simply cutting taxes, and getting the government out of the way of progress. The reasons he didn't do this are:

1). He needed a payoff to the union goons who bankrolled his campaign, especially the SEIU. And they've responded to this payoff in kind, haven't they? Ask Kenneth Gladney!

2) He is completely incompetent, and may even be not very bright. Really, for all of his vaunted Ivy League intelligence, this guy has no clue about anything, especially when it comes to economics. The fact that he doesn't release his college records strongly implies that he may have gotten into Harvard because of affirmative action. As for his intelligence, why does he use a teleprompter for each and every public appearance he makes. Without it, he's just an incoherent word salad of "um," "uh," and "er."

3) He is deliberately trying to destroy the economy, so that as many Americans as possible are dependent on government for their very survival. Glenn Beck has written about something called the Cloward and Piven Strategy, but in a nutshell, it's where the government deliberately and systematically subverts the private sector so that people are forced to turn to government for their subsitence. It shows up in the 99ers (people who have been receiving unemployment insurance welfare for 99 weeks), and in Barack Hussein Obama's bleating for more funding for this program. I don't know if this is true or not, but given Obama's diabolical nature, it wouldn't surprise me if he is plotting to do this every day.

At any rate, it sure ain't working, and people are waking up to it. It makes me wonder if a pretext for suspending the 2012 election, or even the US constitution isn't in the works. I wouldn't put this past Obama and it Democrat Party minions to have a plan to do this just waiting to be implemented.

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