Thursday, August 9, 2012

Was Obama Married to a Man?

The revelations made by Larry Sinclair in 2008 gave rise to the suspicion that Barack Hussein Obama may be gay, or at least bi-sexual, but this fascinating video by Dr. Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily sheds a lot of light on the matter. Nothing is mentioned about the murder of Donald Young (whom Sinclair believes was Obama's gay lover, and that Obama may have had a hand in the killing, which I strongly suspect as well), but another piece of the mysterious puzzle that is Barack Hussein Obama has fallen into place.

He may think he can fool Americans into believing he is simply a center-left Democrat who is trying to serve his country well, but the evidence that he is a diabolical, incompetent, sexually deviant, and angry revolutionary is like a tidal wave. From the explosive exposes by in their "Vetting" series (I thought the picture of Obama hugging that radical professor at Harvard Law School was a candid moment Obamao wishes he could have back).

At any rate, further proof is below that "Kenyan Marxist homosexual" may be more than just a cool nickname I made up.


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