Thursday, August 9, 2012

Landslide on the Horizon

Paul Rahe of has what I believe is a prophetic article about how this year's election will turn out.

A thorough and complete rejection of liberalism. In the most devastating way possible. I don't trust that Mitt Romney is a true blue conservative, but I know he has a conservative streak, and he's a tax cutter, and I loves me some tax cuts! :)

Money quotes:
In my opinion, none of the psephologists mentioned above has reflected on the degree to which the administrative entitlements state – envisaged by Woodrow Wilson and the Progressives, instituted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and expanded by their successors – has entered a crisis, and none of them is sensitive to the manner in which Barack Obama, in his audacity, has unmasked that state’s tyrannical propensities and its bankruptcy. In consequence, none of these psephologists has reflected adequately on the significance of the emergence of the Tea-Party Movement, on the meaning of Scott Brown’s election and the particular context within which he was elected, on the election of Chris Christie as Governor of New Jersey and of Bob McDonnell as Governor of Virginia, and on the political earthquake that took place in November, 2010. That earthquake, which gave the Republicans a strength at the state and local level that they have not enjoyed since 1928, is a harbinger of what we will see this November.

Yes, Barack Obama is ahead in some polls. And, yes, it looks like a neck-and-neck race. But that is because the President is spending everything that he has right now in a desperate attempt to demonize Mitt Romney, and it is because Americans are not yet paying attention. Obama’s support is a mile wide and a quarter of an inch deep.

Of course, if Romney were a corpse as yet unburied on the model of Bob Dole and John McCain, he would lose. If you do not all that much care whether you win or not, you will lose. But Romney wants to win. He is a man of vigor, and he has a wonderful case to make. He is a turn-around artist, and this country desperately needs turning around. Barack Obama has no argument to make. He can only promise more of the same — yet another stimulus and higher taxes on the investing class. All that Romney has to do if he wants to win is to make himself presentable, and that should not be hard. He is handsome, tolerably well-spoken, and accomplished. If, in the debates, he stands up to the President, he will seem the more presidential of the two – and that will do the trick, as it did in 1980.

The question that everyone will pose to himself on the first Tuesday in November is this: ‘Do I want four more years of this?’ And Romney can drive it home: ‘Do you want four more years of massive unemployment? Do you want four more years of food stamps? Do you want to lose the job that you have? Do you want to be out of work when you get out of college? Or do you want to see this country get moving again? Barack Obama took his shot – the stimulus bill, Obamacare, and Dodd-Frank. And where has it left us? With the most anemic recovery in the history of this country!

What it boils down to is something I've been saying for a long time - Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist, and Americans do not want socialism. When the Democrat Party won Congress in 2006, and the Kenyan Marxist homosexual was elected president (in spite of his ineligibilty) in 2008, it was because George W. Bush and the Republican Party had abandoned conservatism, and Bush left office with the country in shambles. In other words, they got fired. Obama and the Democrats were not hired, and like Rahe, I believe Obama has done more damage to liberalism than a room full of Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannity's, Glenn Becks, and other great patriots behind the microphone.

And I will reiterate one more thing - if Col. Allen West* is chosen as Romney's VP, Romney wins all 50 states.

A successful businessman and a war hero. Just what this country needs!

*I would also like Marco Rubio, but he is ineligible as well.

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