Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama's Fraudulent SS Registration is a FELONY

As is his fraudulent birth certificate - if he submits that document to a court of law.

Which is why the Kenyan hasn't submitted the document to any court of law - it isn't legal and he knows it.

BTW - for you progressive leftist fascists who haven't been paying any attention (which would automatically include all of you), here's something to put in your reefer and smoke:

If Obama did not register with the selective service - he is ineligible to hold the office (any office actually).

Since his registration is fraudulent, he is already a felon and legally ineligible to hold office (any office). 

How 'bout them apples?

Not that any of you treasonous traitors care, but it might be something to consider when you're busy pretending Mitt Romney paid no taxes (and that is a true fantasy.  People of Romney's economic caliber pay 53% of all federal taxes.  He is the 53%!  ROTFLMAO!)

And for the really stupid leftists - again, all of you - who insist that Obama's fraudulent documents aren't proven to be fraudulent...

I remind you of the fact that you're taking the word of a known liar - Harry Reid - who hasn't offered even a tiny bit of evidence.

And you're doing so while pretending that a legitimate legal investigation - that of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse - complete with dozens of experts - is meaningless.

That takes a special kind of stupid - the kind of stupid you morons specialize in.

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